Alex is always in the middle of at least three projects, usually more. He’s as likely to be found deep in the engine room, covered in sawdust, or lost on his computer. He is the know how to support this crazy sailing idea.

Joy is a former teacher who is now a stay at boat mom. She’s madly cramming boat knowledge and skills into her brain as quick as possible and hoping information doesn’t have the chance to pour out. Ditching everything and moving to a boat was her idea.

Owen is a book loving, monkey bar climbing, intensly creative kid. A steady supply of ice cream, libraries, and playgrounds keeps him happy while traveling.

Kinsley lives life with the tag line, “no fear.” She swims, climbs, and plays with wild enthusiasm. She’s ready for anything, especially with her seal Josephine at her side. Kinsley plans on being a tug boat captain when she grows up.

Peter and Wendy round out the crew, keeping everyone cuddled at night, and providing comic relief as they adjust to boat life.