We really didn’t set out to find a new boat.

As winter set in, Alex and I fell into our usual cozy cold weather pattern, more time at home, more dreaming. The kids fell into their winter pattern, more board games and more growing. Kinsley in particular took the growing as a personal challenge and began to stretch herself from wall to wall of her cozy little room.

(Remember [this?]({% post_url 2015-09-08-building-a-bedroom-phase-3 %}))

We knew when we moved aboard Goblin that she was a boat with a limited life for our family. Kinsley might be a wee little thing, but a room that is only 43” at its widest is a bit limiting. We have tossed around all kinds of crazy ideas to split the front of the boat into two rooms rather than one and a cubby but nothing seemed quite feasible. Alex and I wandered online looking at all kinds of boats, both power and sail, and never found anything that really suited us, even theoretically.

As winter stretched solidly into spring, we stumbled across a boat for sale in Maine, a boat we knew from following a friend’s blog. (If you haven’t checked out Salty Kisses you need to head there right away. We'll wait. Great family, amazing adventures, beautiful photography.) On a whim, we reached out and asked if we could come and look at the boat, and then came the crazy. What were we doing? We weren’t even looking to buy a new boat yet, maybe in a year or so. What about Goblin, we love our home! How does one even move from one boat to another? Maybe we would get to Maine, take one look, hate the boat, and that would solve all of our worries.

Or maybe we would fall in love with her.

Abeona is almost nothing like Goblin. Yup, she’s a sailboat, but there’s such a different feel. Goblin is a center cockpit ketch. Abeona is a stern cockpit cutter. Goblin is fiberglass, has strong classic looks, lots of wood inside, and a very traditional layout. Abeona is aluminium, a one off design, shines bright white inside, and has a carnival paint job. Goblin has tons of easy access storage for small items but limited large storage. Abeona has one forward cabinet but enough storage under the cockpit to string a few hammocks with room to spare. Goblin is a little sedate, a little regal. Abeona doesn’t take herself too seriously.

The kids spent our first look climbing all over Abeona, just as they had with Goblin. They swung from the ceilings and cockpit, they debated over bedrooms (options!) and poked their heads and sometimes bodies, into every cubby and cabinet. Alex and I walked through and ticked off all the items on our mental required list.

We went to Maine because we couldn’t pass up the chance to see Abeona in person. We made an offer for her the next morning because we didn’t want to let her slip by.


Still no regrets.

More [details about Abeona to follow]({% link boat.md %}). For now, you can see some pictures of her on Salty Kisses' blog.