My kids don’t close doors.

We visited my parents mid winter and I found myself closing the door to their garage over and over. We visited friends, again the main door was wide open behind them. That was when it hit me, these kids don’t have any practice closing doors behind them.

Goblin has only one standard door, for the bathroom. The wood has always been a little swollen and it takes a lot of effort to close it tight so most often we just pull it to the door jam and leave it. You hear anyone coming, you hear anyone inside, there aren’t issues of being surprised. City doors, they all close automatically, a great many of them open automatically as well.

I like what open doors say about my kids. They don’t close themselves in and they don’t close the world out.

On Goblin, the deck is just as much a part of their home as below. Outside and inside are part of the same.

They dance with abandon and laugh themselves over backwards both tucked away below and out on the deck. Even in the middle of Boston with the busy Harborwalk just above us, our home is open. We know the weather and notice when it changes. In the summer, we look up through hatches and the companionways at the blue sky and the stars.

So, if my kids leave your front door wide open, please forgive them and enjoy the breeze.

I adore the variety of doors in our marina, so much personality.