There’s no doubt that fall has arrived, all the signs are here. The air is cooler, leaves are changing color, and the kids have picked apples and pumpkins. Shorts are packed and sweatshirts are daily wear. Halloween costumes are under construction.

Marina life has its own signs of fall.

The small boats departed the marina, the dock layouts changed, and the liveaboards are moving from farthest out to closest in. Owen and Kinsley love walking past their friends on the way to and from our boat each day.

During the summer, marina staff dashed around, helping catch and cast off boats, shepherding dock carts of supplies, greeting and cleaning. As fall closes in, the staff shrinks significantly. They settle onto the docks with larger projects, running winter water lines, replacing boards, and checking power.

The parking lot always has spaces free, even on the weekends. Returning to the marina in the middle of the weekend lacks the parking lottery stress of summer.

On Goblin the sails, solar panels, and dodger are down and packed off to storage. Oddly, prepping for shrinkwrap makes the boat feel so much larger. You step right into the cockpit without needing to duck around the boom or dodger. Sunlight floods the salon when we open the companionway. Unfortunately, no more dodger also means no more rain protection. Hopefully we’ll be framed and wrapped before too much more rain falls.

The heaters are in place, comforters are on the beds, and we’re prepared to snuggle down and enjoy the fall.