Last year it took us until the fifth of July to sail. I guess that means June 17th is a big improvement. It took my almost a month to write about it though, I’m not sure what that says about me.

Our first sail, just like last year, lacked any actual sails. Our luck with wind leaves something to be desired. Never the less, we were out there. The wind forecast predicted perfect sailing wind starting about half an hour after we left dock, turns out it was more like three hours after we left dock. Isn’t that the way of things.

Alex and I got up early to prep the boat. Fortunately, after all our false starts during the week of engine troubles, the boat was in pretty good shape as far as stowing all our loose parts. We left the dock around 7:45 and headed into the harbor. No big plan, just a quick out and back to make sure our gasket replacement solved our engine issues. There was still a little steam in the engine room but it seems to be clearing off the old moisture rather than active leaking now. Just one more thing to keep an eye on.

As usual, Peter was immediately sick down below. I’m not sure yet if its actual seasickness, a reaction to the engine smell, or just nerves but this poor cat isn’t convinced about mobility. He seems to recover quickly though so for now I’ll just keep an eye on him.

Owen and Kinsley continue to be easygoing about boat movement. Owen brought up his spyglass and Kins insisted on binoculars. I’m not sure if either one can see much through them but they had a great time. They chatted happily about all the sights they can identify in the harbor and about the ships going by. They are both very go with the flow which surprises me over and over, I’m so grateful for that.

We enjoyed the sights of the morning ferries hurrying everyone to work, and then had to acknowledge that Alex needed to start work as well.

There was only a little excitement docking this time, hydraulic steering isn’t my best friend yet but we are certainly working our way towards a truce.

As for why we haven’t been out more? Here’s the maintenance/project log for May, June, and July.

May 2016

Jib and main halyards replaced.

Rebuilt head.

Raritan CP dispenser connection to head raw water feed broke when rebuilding head; decided it is too fragile to have on a below the waterline hose and removed it. Replaced with a squeeze bottle of diluted CP, which seems adequate for odor control.

Flare expiration dates checked.

Diver cleaned bottom, checked zinc, cleaned thruhulls. Reports zinc at 10% used, paint working well, doesn’t recommend hauling and painting this year.

Mounted brackets for boat hook and net on the forward stanchions.

Sealed old screw holes in fridge and freezer, fiberglassed & painted freezer interior.

Fridge evaporation plates installed.

Macerator pump blew a gasket and started leaking. There was no y valve; relied on closing seacock and removing handle to make legal. Suspect repeated vacuum pressure from pump out damaged pump. Pump removed, both hoses to it plugged with soft wood plugs.

Bilge scrubbed and freshwater cleaned.

Stripped and revarnished (TB wood finish) aft cabin trunk trim and grab rails, 4 coats.

Kayaks reinstalled.

Main engine:

  • Installed external expansion tank.
  • Replaced fresh water side hose on starboard side of built in expansion tank.
  • Removed old 24 volt alternator from Grunert system.
  • Drain, flush, and replace fresh water coolant (70/30 NAPA Green ethylene glycol based antifreeze).
  • Change oil and oil filter.
  • Change injector pump oil.
  • Replace heat exchanger zinc.
  • Sample sump oil.
  • On test run, saw steam? (didn’t smell like exhaust) coming from back of manifold.
  • Pressure tested the freshwater cooling system, held 15 psi for 10 minutes with no loss.
  • Exposed exhaust riser and we appear to have a small leak aft of the exhaust flange gasket.
  • Exhaust flange separated from manifold, gasket expired, but flange and manifold appear intact.

Stays’l rigged.

Mizzen sheet replaced with 3/8 regatta braid and new blocks.

Mizzen outhaul replaced with 3/8 VPC.

Stripped and revarnished (TB wood finish) aft hatch cover, 4 coats.

Freezer evaporation plates installed.

Dodger waterproofed.

June 2016

Stripped and revarnished (TB wood finish) starboard cockpit wing, 4 coats.

New main sheet – 3/8 stayset 6:1 purchase.

Rig tuned – main cap shrouds tightened 2 turns.

Wind machine wire replaced and wind machine mounted.

Cabin fans in v-berth and aft cabin replaced.

USB outlets installed in v-berth and aft cabin.

Hung anchor.

Mizzen halyard replaced with 3/8 VPC.

Mizzen topping lift lower line replaced with 3/8 VPC.

Mizzen outhaul replaced with 3/8 VPC.

Main sail, mizzen, and Genoa rigged.

Anchor replaced with 65# mantus on an S2 swivel.

Main engine:

Replaced manifold rear gasket.

Recovered exhaust riser.

Fridge & freezer compressors mounted.

Shroud cleats added for main and mizzen flute stopper halyards.

Laptop storage added.

Fire alarm installed over engine room doors.

Broken distance log removed — reading 9760.8 at the time.

USB / 12v panel installed at nav station.

Sealed holes in fridge control panel.

Installed new fridge controls.

Replaced propane control panel with gas leak sensor.

Mizzen sheet legs replaced with 1/4” amsteel.

Added stainless rub rails on cockpit wings.

Mounted wifi antenna on shroud hoist.

Stripped and revarnished (TB wood finish) 2 sections of toe rail, 4 coats.

July 2016

Stripped and revarnished (TB wood finish) port cockpit wing, 4 coats.

Stripped and revarnished (TB wood finish) forward coach roof trim and grab rails, 4 coats.

Aft bilge sump scrubbed.

Installed Y valve.

Ran fridge and freezer tubing between plates and compressors.

Mounted fridge breaker panel.

Pitch clinometer installed.

Replaced broken cabinet hinges.

Smartgauge battery monitor installed.

Head pump arm started slipping on pump housing; converted to manual for the moment.

Wash down pump replumbed for better passing clearance and rewired.

Conduit installed under engine room door to protect wire run there.

Wired fridge and freezer.

Main and gene start battery charging switched to echo chargers.

Charging buss added to take power from battery charger and alternator, and feed echo chargers.

Main engine battery/starter moved to its own switch.

Hung galley fire blanket.

House battery bank replaced with 4 260 amp hour Trojan T-145+ batteries.

House intra-bank cabling replaced with 2/0 wire.