We’re solidly in project mode, trying to fit in all our goals before summer sailing season arrives.

We’re up to our necks, or waists, in redoing the refrigeration system.

New halyards are going up, to be followed by mast climbing in the near future.

The kids are being amazing at keeping themselves entertained.

Waiting for warm days to bring back the sails, the ocean is calling.

And for those who are interested in such things, selections from our spring maintenance log.

  • Reattached head door hold open hook.
  • Removed, cleaned, potted, penetrating epoxy sealed wood, and rebedded leaking aft hatch. Riser ring is now one piece, epoxy joined at the corners.
  • Kinsley’s ladder built and installed.
  • Shrinkwrap down, dodger up.
  • Freezer shrunk down via polyisolate sheets and two part foam.
  • Jib furler line rerouted.
  • Main outhaul replaced.
  • Winch pockets installed.
  • Jib and main halyards replaced.
  • Rebuilt head.
  • Flare expiration dates checked.
  • Mounted brackets for boat hook and net on the forward stanchions.
  • Sealed old screw holes in fridge and freezer.