Our boat will only be a greenhouse for another couple of weeks. We celebrated its impending demise with a collection of Sharpies. I turned Kinsley and Owen loose over a couple of days to decorate to their heart’s content and they certainly did.

Kinsley practiced her circles and even surprised me with her first face drawing. She was rightfully proud of herself. I knew she’d been working on circles but didn’t know that she had yet understood the idea of drawing more realistically.

She also dictated to me what she wanted written. We now have a list of everyone aboard, two and four footed. Kins likes to read the names back to me.

Owen, more technical, created the computerized systems to control the boat. Radar, gauges, switches and keyboard. He’s returned to this area a number of times to play out his stories.

The sun is hard at work fading our designs but we’ll enjoy them while we can. Soon enough the clear canvas will be gone and our sky views will be back.

Just another sign of spring.