It took until February for the snow to arrive. We’ve had flurries, heavy slush, fluffy snow, freezing rain. The shrink wrap does well at keeping itself clear. Most of our wrapping is steep enough that, as the snow piles up, it just slides off. Two areas, above the door and across the boom over the cockpit, are less steep because we opted for more headroom. When the snow begins to pile up I put on mittens and head up to bounce the snow off the plastic from the inside.

Walking around the marina in this weather is beautiful.

If the wind is quiet, the snow piles surprisingly high on the lines and stays. The individual flakes gather and mount into miniature are mountain ranges, reaching high into the air.

My favorite sight is the ice forming on the lines. I know it’s not the best for the ropes but it is beautiful. Lines will dip down into the water and then rise up again into the freezing air. Each wave, dip and rise, until beautiful suspended ice sculptures form. It’s a little like dipping candles but in an endless variety of shapes.

Owen and Kinsley are thrilled with each snowfall. We’ve built forts in snowdrifts, had snowball fights, built snowmen and snow cats, and generally frolicked. Hot chocolate follows snow play and we snuggle back into our cozy little home.