I had my concerns, as we packed up our house and pulled Owen out of school, about how we would do making friends along our travels. My whole family makes friends deeply but slowly, not necessarily the best fit for a traveling family. We settled into the marina, got to know other kid boats, and had fun playground dates, but still spent a lot of time on our own.

And then we met Kejadenn. Sometimes people just click, kids and adults.

Owen and Kinsley speak only English, Mathilde and Juliette speak only French, this hasn’t slowed anyone down. Coloring, tag, stickers, playgrounds, and pillow fights transcend language barriers.

Francois and Alex talk about boat repairs, projects, and sailing technicalities. Anne and I talk about education and art projects, tea and chocolate.

Today, spring snuck into January and we took full advantage. Four kids and accompanying adults headed out to a new to us playground and for nearly two hours there was playground bliss. The adults talked about boat repairs and projects, places to visit with the kids, lifejackets, food, and tugboats. The kids climbed, slid, chased, and jumped.

We will miss them greatly when they head back to France in the spring but because of our meeting, I don’t worry as much anymore. The important things really do work themselves out.