That’s right, winter is cold around here. I work hard all summer to forget that fact. With the weather finally turning seasonable I’ve been working to adapt our daily rhythm to fit the season.

We’ve said goodbye to hours and hours wandering parks and playgrounds. Winter lends itself to slow routines. We’re often in our pajamas until morning snack. We dance and craft and giggle aboard. Laundry parties and dance parties are frequent and fun. Everyone laughs and moves and gets their energy out before relaxing into stories and snuggles once again.

Kinsley has developed a love of nursery rhymes and is starting to recite them throughout the day. She’ll be playing with her animals and muttering snippets of sentences or rhymes. It makes me wish, even more, that I could peek inside her head from time to time. I’d love to listen to the whole story, rather than just the bits that sneak out.

Owen’s Legos, enhanced through Christmas generosity, are going strong. We saw the newest Star Wars movie and a steady stream of star destroyers are making their way out of the v-berth. He’s creating whole worlds, including systems of government, detailed maps, and magical powers. They’re so real to him and I remember just how that feels.

As a bonus, the shrink wrap continues to work well as a greenhouse on sunny days. 70 degree barefoot lunches help balance out the weather, although they don’t motivate us to leave the boat.

We’ll find our winter rhythm, just in time for spring, and then find a new rhythm from there. The seasons will change, Owen and Kinsley grow, we’ll sail where the wind sends us, and we’ll find our rhythm along the way.