Boston decided to provide us with a taste of warm holiday weather this year. No white Christmas here, instead we celebrated in t-shirts and bare feet, entirely unheard of for Boston. We spread out our celebrating over three days, all very low key.

In the foolish hope that I might be able to get my kids to sleep at a reasonable time on Christmas Eve, Alex and I planned a busy day. There was scootering in the morning, as well more festive activities like baking cookies and decorating our tree for the afternoon. Our upside down tree tradition continues. Eighteen inches of tree seems to be just right for this boat.

In the afternoon Alex’s dad joined us for a walk to Quincy Market to see the tree lighting ceremony. Kinsley especially adores Christmas lights and so this was perfect. Lights, music, and even more walking in the warmth. We tried and loved a new Chinese restaurant for an early dinner before heading back to the boat. The marina was glowing with lights as we crossed the bridge on the way home. We returned home to gifts from the kids, and our tradition of new PJ’s and books.

Santa was extra sneaky and managed to deliver stocking and gifts without waking the kids. Especially impressive after all the thumping on deck and rumbling of the companionway hatch. Good thing Owen takes his hearing aids out at night or Santa might have been caught.

Christmas itself began early. Owen tried to convince us that 5:00 was an appropriate time for presents, we vehemently disagreed and bargained our way back to sleep until 6:30. We give four gifts, something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. Santa fills stockings and leaves some gifts and treats as well. Once up, the kids took a couple of hours to open their gifts. Owen and Kinsley stopped often to bounce around and play with their gifts so the unwrapping went on for a long lazy time.

The day after Christmas my parents came up to celebrate on the boat. In true Sharpe family style the day included a project. My parents gave us dock steps for Christmas and the morning included modifications to the design to better fit our very narrow finger dock.

And now, very slowly, we shift out of the busy holidays and into our slow winter hibernation. There’s hot chocolate to drink, books to read, and art projects to create. We will cozy up and enjoy the change of seasons as we move towards the new year.