Three months, 90 days, a quarter of a year, a good start.

When we moved aboard at the beginning of August we were making a leap into the unknown. Would we like living in the city? Would we miss our yard and woods? Would the small space make us crazy? Would anyone be seasick? Was this really the direction we wanted for our family? A quarter of a year into boat life I’m thrilled to say that all is well.

Aside from some slight longing for a dishwasher after a particularly culinary night, no one has expressed any desire to return to our old home. Kinsley will frequently tell people that she never ever ever wants to leave her Goblin boat. I have to agree with her.

Sure, things aren’t perfect. The refrigeration system broke on our first night aboard and we’ve been living out of a dorm fridge since. We’ve taken apart the toilet twice in an effort to make it run better. The hatch over my bed leaks in downpours. And yet…

My kids play together, inventing games with coins and markers aboard or creating imaginary worlds on the playground and I’m there to see it. We eat all our meals together, either cozy at the table in the salon or out in the warmth of the cockpit. Alex is working at the navigation desk in the corner and can listen in to and join in on all our conversations.

The marina itself is a lovely little neighborhood. People greet each other by name. They ask Kinsley how her seal, Josephine, is doing. We update each other on boat projects and compliment shrink wrap framing. Before heading to the playground Owen dashes off to knock on the sides of two other kid boats to see if they want to join us.

We are exploring Boston and planning our travels, and very happy with our decision.