How is it, after spending almost all of my life in Massachusetts, I hadn’t made it to any of the harbor islands until this summer? Easy ferry ride, lots of diversity in what to do there, history, I’ve really missed out. Time to make up for lost time.

We took a family trip to George’s Island, first ferry of the morning, bringing a picnic with us. Owen had set a goal of completing the Junior Ranger program and Kinsley was ready to explore, wander, and be distracting in equal measure. I read through the history of the island, sharing parts with Owen ahead of time. Revolutionary war fort, prepped for the civil war though it never saw any combat, and then used primarily as a hospital and prison.

It turned out to be a good thing we had planned for a full day trip. There was so much to explore that a morning wouldn’t have been nearly enough.

Walkie talkies were the best tool we brought. Kinsley and Owen, unsurprisingly, move at very different speeds and have very different interests. Alex and I took the divide and conquer approach for the day, one radio with each group. Alex wandered high with Owen, walking the tops of walls. Kinsley and I paused to admire flowers and jump on rocks.

We wandered through the fort itself, old hospital and kitchens, barracks and officer’s quarters. Kinsley had a great time balancing on the canon tracks. Owen spotted the signs and learned the real purpose of the different rooms while Kinsley made up her own stories.

We reconnected for the children’s tour and lunch before separating again. Kinsley happily played with colonial toys while Owen heard the legend of the island’s ghost.

By the time we headed home on the 4:00 ferry everyone was completely exhausted. A quick pizza dinner, our solution for exhaustion, and everyone went to bed early.

I easily see us spending a number of days there without exhausting all the places to explore.