A floor, a lee cloth, all Kinsley needed was a bed. It took longer than expected for her mattress foam to arrive but it was worth it.

I ordered a custom sized piece of three inch medium density foam as the mattress. Thank you Amazon, you really do have everything. I had shopped around but couldn’t find better prices for the oddly shaped piece I needed. Owen and Kins spent three days enjoying their new trampoline on the salon floor before I had a chance to cut it down and sew the cover for it. Boat challenge #127, severe lack of storage for large crafting materials.

I laid out the foam and then dismantled the floor of Kinsley’s room to lay on top and pattern from. This just reinforced the knowledge that boats lack right angles. I’m even more impressed with Alex’s woodworking skills after getting up close and personal with the peculiar shape of the platform boards.

Some frustrating time with a box cutter followed by a brief but glorious time with a serrated bread knife and I had the foam shaped correctly. Kinsley supervised and gave her approval.

From there, the mattress cover. Kinsley picked out the owl upholstery fabric and I set to work. I wrapped the longest edge with the fold rather than creating a seamed edge. It let me save more fabric for the other edges as well as saving my sanity. I added a 48″ zipper along the second long edge that ran the whole size as well as around the corner and onto a second side. I added less than half an inch of seam allowance for the top and bottom panel. I knew I was cutting the dimensions of the cover very close, siding towards barely big enough rather than too big. Surprisingly, geometry was on my side and I managed all the seams and turning right on the first try. It took both Alex and I to jam the mattress into the cover but it fits her space perfectly.

The final touch to her room was cubby curtains. Because of the height of the mattress, the cabinet doors on the back wall of Kinsley room had become unusuable. Rather than wasting any space, I took down the doors and added fabric curtains to hide and contain her books and toys. I ran shock cord along the top and bottom of the curtain so she can slide or pull them out of the way. Did you know that, depending on location, it can take four different screwdrivers to set one screw? Her curtains called for 12 screws in odd cramped locations. Lots of contortions and tool swapping later, it’s a good thing I like how they turned out. Kinsley immediately declared herself in need of books and happily spent forty five minutes packing her treasures in and out of her cubbies.

From the silence I’m enjoying right now, I’m thrilled to declare her bedroom a success.