I am not a city girl.  Friends will talk about how there’s so much to do, great food, public transportation, variety. Yup, I’m still not a city girl. I love the woods, I love sending my kids out into the yard to play while I cook dinner. I love looking up at the stars, noting how loud the peeper frogs are at night, and waking up to the neighbor’s chickens. Not a city girl.

For the next year or so, I need to be a city girl. I am living right in the middle of Boston and have two curious, energetic kids. Spending all day, every day, hiding out on Goblin isn’t an option in their world. They want to be out, they want to explore and run and climb. They remind me that it’s been two whole days since they rode the subway and where can we go this afternoon.

I may not be a city girl, but they are city kids right now and together, we have to figure out what that means for our family.