We live on the water, we swim just about every day, we watch fish and crabs from our dock, but if you ask Kinsley what she wants to do for the day, she’s likely to request a trip to the aquarium. I’m not complaining at all, I bought our family a membership on our first visit and it has more than paid for itself in our first month here.

One big perk of aquarium trips is getting there. We walk down to Constitution Wharf, past the USS Constitution, and take the water ferry across the harbor, right to the aquarium itself.

For Kinsley, I suspect there will be days where we don’t even bother going inside. For her, the biggest draw is the outside harbor seal tank. Josaphine, Kinsley’s seal, has been a part of the family since last Christmas. Josie travels everywhere with Kinsley, aquarium most definitely included. Standing nose to glass, watching the seals swim by, is perfection for Kins.

Owen’s first choice is the shark and ray exhibit. He’ll stay as long as I let him, hands in the water, petting the rays as they swim by. The smaller ones are slippery and the huge ones slimy, or so I’m told. The best days are when the coral catsharks are feeling brave enough to let him touch them as well. Unfortunately, rays splashing and my fear of Kinsley joining them in the pool has prevented me from getting any good pictures.

From there, we wander up and down the ramp circling the main tank. Window ledges to climb and the slope of the ramp are just as much fun for these two as the creatures inside.

Not a bad way to spend a morning.