“What are you going to do about your cats?”

I heard this question over and over while we were preparing to move onto Goblin. My answer has always been the same. Our plan is to move them aboard and see how they do. As of three weeks in, both Peter and Wendy are very pleased with life as marina cats.

Mornings and evenings are the time for exploring the deck. Peter is especially enthusiastic about mornings. He has developed an unfortunate method of convincing me that it’s time to get up. Around 5:30 he jumps up into the v-berth and onto Kinsley. She wakes up wailing which wakes me up. I put Kinsley back to sleep and let Peter out so he won’t wake her up again. Yup, I’m well trained.

Wendy has claimed the navigation desk as her daytime napping spot. It’s angled which as far as she is concerned just makes it easier to kick everything off of to make more space to sprawl.

Neither cat has tried to explore the marina, they are content for now to walk the deck and sit in the cockpit with us. It turns out that Peter is a fan of light misty drizzle, he seems to enjoy shaking the wet off his whiskers.

Once we are out sailing I’ll see what their opinions are but for now, I have two happy boat cats.