Alex and I have a long held mantra, everything always works out in the end, just not according to our plan. This is holding true with Goblin as well.

The masts were pulled over a month ago to be checked over and to allow us to replace much of the rigging. The plan was to have everything back together in early May so we could sail up to Boston in the middle of May. It’s the end of May and Goblin still has no masts. The rigger is waiting on just a few parts, only some of which list as shipped. We’re waiting on a couple of chainplates that have to be in place to attach the rigging to. The marina is waiting on our parts to be in before we can book a time to put the masts back up. We need a date for the masts to go in before we can arrange for sailing to Boston.

So much waiting for things completely out of our control. I’m impatient, I’m frustrated, I’m trying so hard to be patient.

I know we will have masts again.

I know we’ll move up to Boston.

I know we’ll sail.

I know it all works out in the end.